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So Long, Paris

I was just thinking about Paris Hilton this morning. Actually, I was thinking about Nicole Richie, which led me to Paris, and the general gist of the thoughts was how totally useless they are, and how sick it is that we allow them to waste so much of our bandwidth, literally and metaphorically. But Rebecca Traister says it better than I could, so I'll just let her.


  • My favorite description in Traistor's article is "Dorian Gray cockroach." It IS weird how Paris Hilton is the only one of her friends who never seems to get fat, look bloated or pale or zitty, get sick, or get anorexia. If that's not a deal with the devil, then what is it?

    By Blogger postacademic, at 2:09 PM  

  • You always point to the best articles.

    By Blogger thatgirl, at 7:54 PM  

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