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It's Pronounced Dice-K

You've just got to love Boston and the Red Sox: where else would a police cruiser be waiting on the tarmac to accompany the almost-signed (cross fingers, knock wood) star pitcher to his physical? (It's not Red Sox blogging; it's reading blogging: I READ the article.)


  • OK, way late here, so I hope you get these by email, but even though I had only the vaguest idea of what you were talking about, I knew immediately that it had to be a Japanese man, because the top Japanese male figure skater right now is named Daisuke.

    This is so not important.

    By Blogger thatgirl, at 7:12 PM  

  • Last season, the Sawx traded for a catcher specifically to catch a knuckleballer on the team. They'd been teammates before so the catcher knew how to catch the knuckleballer (not easy to do.) When the dude got to the airport, a police escort was waiting. The player changed into his new uniform in the SUV while the police blazed the way from Logan to Fenway, arriving just literally mere minutes before Gametime.

    The police for a baseball player? In Boston that is not unexpected or even new.

    Some might see it as a tremendous waste of money or just plain idiotic. For many years Fenway & the Sawx were each an embarassment but now they're part of the city's identity.

    By Blogger Zooomabooma, at 10:39 AM  

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